i'm just another suicidal sexy guy who like to pump up my adrenaline

assalaamu'alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

my name is dedy satriya wicaksana, just call me dedy, i was born and raised in jakarta, indonesia

i do manage all about the national currency (rupiah), i love eating, sleeping, and gaming


i am working at central bank of indonesia called bi, an institution that governs the economy of my country

working at bi is challenging, exciting, and then fun but more importantly bi is a part of who i am like eating, breathing, sleeping, i can’t not work at BI

i consider myself very lucky to be able to work at somewhere I dream so much


i have studied pure mathematics at padjadjaran university

i have also learned about banking business when i'm working at btpn learning center

now onwards i'm training about central bank at bi institute


  • analysis (theorems and sets of data include the recommendation)
  • algebra (especially linear algebra, an alternative solution using numerical
  • monitoring and / or reporting (adhoc or part of the analysis)
  • cash management / distribution (based on government regulations)